Our Dandies

We are a hobby breeder of our beloved Dandies. We do not have puppies on a regular basis. When one of our bitches is receptive then we may have puppies, otherwise NO! 

We are part of the Kennel Club's Assured Breeder scheme and all of our puppies are bred and reared at home.

The Dandie Dinmont Terrier is the only breed of dog named after a fictional character. A gentleman called  Dandie Dinmont who appeared in Sir Walter Scott's Guy Mannering and who kept Mustard and Pepper terriers, the original name for the breed. 

The Breed club originated in 1875 and the standard was adopted in 1876 making it the second oldest breed club in the world.

Sadly the breed is currently classed as a "native vulnerable breed" by the Kennel Club, as less than the required 300 puppies a year are being registered.

Their numbers have been declining for some time now
  • 2015  -  88 puppies
  • 2016  -  91 puppies
  • 2017  -  130 puppies
  • 2018  -  145 puppies
  • 2019  -  109 puppies
  • 2020  -  87 puppies

The breed is intelligent, loyal, friendly, and extremely stubborn! They are excellent companions for adults and children alike and are content sitting on your lap or chasing around the garden.

They are quiet and placid for the most part, though you will always know when someone comes to the door!

They have few health problems, but their long back means they should not be encouraged to chase up and down stairs and the inside of their long ears should be cleaned regularly. 

Their eyes should be checked for glaucoma when they are between 12 and 18 months old and very occasionally a  dog may have a thyroid problem or even more occasionally Cushing's disease.


Don't let that put you off! 

They are a loving and rewarding breed whose doleful big eyes will capture your heart!