Our Kennels

Our kennels are hygienically cleaned everyday and before your pet enters their kennel. 

Our kennels can accommodate all sizes and breeds and more than one animal from the same family. 

During colder periods heating is provided. 

Each kennel has it's own open to the air area and the dogs are let out  into the paddock at least four times a day for exercise and relief.

We provide all food, water bowls and bedding. Premium Dry and wet food is available.  Please note that any dietary requirements prescribed by your vet must be supplied by yourself. 

No Vet card no room at the Inn!

We regret that we cannot accept any animal that is not accompanied by a vet card showing in date boosters 

Although kennel cough is not a requirement for boarding it is strongly recommended that all dogs have this vaccine at 

least 2 weeks prior to boarding

Early booking is strongly advised, in particular for school holiday periods. Bookings can be made by telephone, text message, via facebook or email.  You will receive an email confirming the boarding. Please note a deposit is required in peak periods. 

Some of our lovely guests