Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy


The welfare of your Pet(s) is paramount to our business so we would ask you to take time to read the following Terms and Conditions. You will be requested to sign as read prior to boarding your pets with us.


Payment will be accepted as either Cash or Debit card transaction; we cannot accept cheques or credit cards. All boarding dates booked are chargeable unless a period of seven days notice to cancel is made. The boarding day runs from 10am to 10am the following day. Please ensure you collect your pet by 10am on the final day in order for us to get the pen ready for the next guest. A fee will apply for late collections equivalent to the normal day boarding fee. (Unless agreed) A deposit of £50.00 for dogs or £30.00 for cats is payable when a booking is made for stays during peak times. 

Health and Behaviour

We reserve the right to refuse boarding to any pet which causes concern due to aggressive behaviour to our staff or other animals or ill health when arriving at the Kennels or Cattery. 

All pets must be up to date with their inoculations,

annual boosters for cats including the feline flu vaccine
annual boosters for dogs including the kennel cough vaccine
The  kennel cough vaccine  MUST be administered a minimum of 2 weeks prior to boarding commencement 


We will require your vets details together with your pets vaccination card on arrival. This is so that we may confirm that your pets vaccinations are up to date and for us to be able contact your vet in the event of your pet becoming ill during its stay. 

If for any reason we cannot contact your vet we will ask our vet to treat your pet. 

All costs incurred will be payable upon collection of your pet(s). 

If during your pets stay they become aggressive and dangerous to other animals or staff we will isolate your pet in our isolation pen until they can be collected by a responsible person as soon as possible. Unspent days will not be refunded. 

Please ensure medication is kept in it's original packaging.


In the event of an animal not being collected by the due date, we will after giving seven days notice to the owner at the address provided at the  time of booking, become the legal owners of the animal and will make any arrangements we deem necessary for the animal. All costs incurred will be recovered from the registered owner.

Emergency Contact

You will be asked for contact details of a responsible person who we can contact in case of emergency whilst you are away. If you are flying away on holiday it would be helpful if you could provide details of your flight number and arrival airport in the event of unforeseen delays.

 Food & Water

We provide the animals with quality food and fresh drinking water during their stay. If you would rather provide your own pets favourite food we will be happy to allow this however we cannot reduce the boarding fee

Opening Hours

Please see our opening hours page for details of when we are open for delivery or collection of pets or for viewing the premises.

Privacy Policy

Data Protection Notice and Permissions to hold contact details for all clients of

Anston Kennels and Cattery

As you will be aware, recent legislation on data protection requires us to inform you of any personal data that we hold about you, both electronically and on paper. Why we hold it and that we have your permission to retain it for a reasonable amount of time.

We hold data about our customers to ensure that we can reach them by telephone, email or letter in the event of an emergency, a booking confirmation or special offers.  We will ask you to complete a permissions form when you first come to us for boarding. You will have the opportunity to opt out of the special offers on the form.  Any data we hold about you will not be provided to any other persons, business or organisations except as required by law.

  • You may request to see all of the personal data we hold on you. (We have 30 days to respond to your request)
  • We only keep your data in respect of the reasons outlined above
  • We will destroy your data after 3 years without any contact with yourselves.

For the smooth and efficient running of Anston Kennels & Cattery we need to retain a record of the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your telephone numbers - landline and or mobile
  • Your email address(es)
  • Emergency contact details - name and telephone number of the person we can contact
  • Details of your pet(s)
  • The name, address and telephone number of your veterinary practice